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RNG Provided Assistance to the Native Home Children Centre


The company once again allocated financial resources for three meals a day for the residents of the orphanage.

The Native Home Social Rehabilitation Centre has been operating in Kolomna since 2020. The institution educates children and teenagers who are temporarily without parental care and are in a difficult life situation.

Currently 18 minors aged 3 to 16 live in the orphanage. They deals with professional teachers, also they have medical care and everything necessary for study and recreation.

“Our orphanage exists mainly on private donations. Unfortunately, at this difficult time we have no more benefactors. We are grateful to RNG for the fact that this is not the first time you have responded to our request for help,” said Elena Sotnichenko, Director of the Children Centre.

RNG tries to provide assistance to those who need it especially at this difficult time. This is why the company attaches great importance to the support of charitable foundations and non-profit institutions.