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Social responsibility


Eastsib Holding pays great attention to the preservation of the North national culture and work with indigenous small-numbered peoples, supports the settlements improvement of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), actively participates in the implementation of the social and economic development program of the Botuobuyinsky Nasleg MO, and provides the necessary equipment for the needs of the village of Tas-Yuryakh, regularly exports waste to its solid domestic waste landfill (SDWL).

In 2021, the group’s companies helped to renovate the adjacent territory of the culture and leisure park, and now constantly support local educational institutions.

This year OOO YakutStroyProekt has completed work on a 10 km section of the A-331 “Vilyui” motorway as part of the road construction programme.

A new segment of the highway will become part of the route between Lensk and Mirny. The representatives of the Vilyui Road Administration and the Mirny Road Administration commissioned the work.

In 2021, RNG JSC, the driving force of Eastsib Holding, received A rating from AK&M agency in the field of sustainable development. Analysts noted the balanced policy of the company in the economic, social and environmental areas, and highlighted its approach to human capital development.