EastSib Holding acts as responsible market player with a sound and responsible approach to natural resources management and production. We see environmental management as one of the key business activities – oil and gas production sustainability is an invaluable asset of our group of companies. In order to guarantee a superb level of environmental responsibility, EastSib Holding is leading the policy of openness to both governmental officials and public. All our production areas and economic bodies are properly licenced, supervised and independently audited.


In the whole scope of action of EastSib Holding, we do our best to maintain high ethical standards, respect all local rules and regulations, both of official and traditional nature. We certainly respect local cultures of the Sakha republic (Yakutia) and foster Yakutia’s social and cultural diversity development.

EastSib respects human rights of our employees, stimulate their potential growth and the application efficiency of their knowledge and expertise. Every employee of the company is guaranteed equal terms and conditions of labour, which creates a work environment that reflects the efficient strategy of EastSib Holding.