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RNG is the Partner of the International Children and Youth Award ‘Ecology is Everyone’s Business’


The company has been supporting a socially significant project organized by Rosprirodnadzor to encourage children and adolescents from 7 to 16 years old who care about the environment for the second year.

The third season of the Ecology is Everyone's Business Award starts on March 1. The project aims at raising the environmental awareness of young people, involving children and adolescents in environmental activities, maintaining their eco-activity, including through social networks. In total, there are 10 nominations in the competition, from creative to research. This year a new nomination will be established, which is for the moment kept in secret.

“Children will be able to show their boundless imagination in various fields - from art to science. They are future engineers and environmentalists, journalists and business people, biologists and high–tech developers. Not only personal professional future depends on their initiative, but also the future of our planet”, noted Svetlana Radionova, Head of Rosprirodnadzor.

In 2022, the project received an unprecedented number of works, more than 45 thousand. The children from all regions of Russia and 33 countries showed how important to treat nature responsibly and proposed their own environmental projects through videos, drawings and photographs.

“Respect for the environment is the key direction of the RNG JSC environmental policy. The company permanently supports initiatives in this area and implements its own programs. I believe it is necessary to engage in environmental education from a young age, for this reason we have been supporting the holding of the Ecology is Everyone's Business Award for the second year”, commented Vladimir Rakitin, General Director of RNG.