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RNG JSC Congratulated Kindergarten Kencheeri in the Village of Tas-Yuryah with its 55th Anniversary


The company presented furniture and an interactive sandbox to the pupils of preschool.

The play equipment consists of a table, sand tank, projector, camera and software. Using modern technologies and natural materials children can create various landscapes, observe the change in their structure and color and build natural objects. With the help of such exercises a child can shape the world integrity picture, develop fine motor skills and qualities such as imagination, attention and speech. 

“For a long time we wanted to buy an interactive sandbox for our kindergarten. This dream came true thanks to the RNG support. We plan to use new equipment during training sessions for the intellectual and physical development of children”, noted Snezhana Alekseeva, Head of the Kencheeri kindergarten. 

RNG JSC has been supporting kindergarten in the village of Tas-Yuryakh much more than one year. At one time, the company personally took part in the construction of its new building. For this purpose, the company sent to the construction site special equipment, which was involved in the work. 50 small residents of the village attend the kindergarten today.

“Kindergarten Kencheeri is the only one in the village of Tas-Yuryah. We support it on a permanent basis. We sincerely hope that our gift will delight the children and will be useful for them”, commented Vladimir Rakitin, General Director of RNG JSC.