EastSib is committed to continuously enlarging the intrinsic value of the assets that make part of the Holding. The indispensable goal of our management is to provide long-term growth opportunities to every division of each subsidiary of the Holding. Along with our responsible approach to maximizing profitability, these are the key driving forces behind the intensive yet sustainable development process of EastSib Holding.


Customer and contractor relations

Within the wide range of EastSib’s subsidiaries, there is a policy of responsiveness and respect to our customers’ needs. EastSib remains loyal to its steady contractors and counterparts with a due approach to selectivity and collaboration between the Holding and our partners.


EastSib holding accumulates almost ten companies in the oil-producing industry employing over 2200 people all across the Russian Federation. EastSib Holding benefits from the highly experienced workforce – our employees guarantee that the Holding ultimately pursuits its goals in the most efficient way. EastSib’s subsidiaries have enforced the policy of attracting the most qualified professionals for a greater success of EastSib.