Eastsib Holding (“Eastsib”) owns several geological exploration companies operating in the Russian Federation, as well as a number of service and operating firms. Eastsib also has investments in companies that pursue other business outside the Russian Federation.

Subsidiaries and affiliates of Eastsib work in the following industries:

  • oil and gas production at license areas in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia);
  • power generation;
  • logistics and supply;
  • industrial engineering;

Eastsib is headquartered in Nicosia (Cyprus).

Eastsib is focused on management of the companies, which it owns, procurement of financing and investment, and maximizing the value of its companies by the achievement of synergy. The Holding works to stimulate the development of high-tech services inside its companies, and selects the best contractors to carry out tasks, which the companies cannot perform alone.

Eastsib’s business is led by a team of highly qualified managers with experience in the oil and gas industry (and state regulation of the oil and gas sector), as well as in banking and project finance. Eastsib’s expert team ensures a balanced approach to estimating the cost of projects and takes optimal decisions in the various spheres of the Holding’s business.